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on-the-fly is a project to promote Live Coding practice, a performative technique focused on writing algorithms in real-time so that the one who writes is part of the algorithm. Live coding is mainly used to produce music or images but it extends beyond that. Our objectives are: supporting knowledge exchange between communities, engaging with critical reflections, promoting free and open source tools and approaching live coding to new audiences. The project runs from 10/2020 to 09/2022, is co-founded by the Creative Europe program, and is led by Hangar in collaboration with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Ljudmila and Creative Coding Utrecht.

Artistic Residencies

One of the goals of on-the-flyis to support live coders with their creative process. The residencies were carried out through two open calls to develop artistic productions and research projects involving live coding practices. The residencies were hosted by the partner institutions with workshops and gatherings, led by the awarded live coders.


On-the-fly cantina’s are a series of monthly online meetups hosted by the on-the-fly research group. The purpose of these meetings is to create a space for members of the live coding community to have casual informal conversations about their thoughts, concerns and interests in live coding. This paper gives an introduction to the on-the-fly cantinas and a summary of four of the cantinas that have taken place. Namely: “Now that we have gathered - what shall we discuss?”, “How alive is a live-streamed Algorave”, ˝Live Coding Machine Learning˝ and ˝How do the tools we use shape our artistic statement?”


Live coding events, gatherings, collaborations and festivals organized by on-the-fly partners.

Live coders

Non-exhaustive list of participants of the on-the-flyactivities