Gaia Leandra

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Gaia Leandra is a scientific art researcher. She studied biological physical chemistry at the University of Naples. At the end of her academic career, she collaborated with the National Department of Research in Microelectronics and Genetics (CNR). For Gaia, science must be accessible to all, respecting freedom of dissemination, working on what is defined as open science. She moves among transfeminist and transdisciplinary laboratories of the art world, where she collaborates with different projects such as Micromondo, Transmigration, Open Source Estrogen with Mary Maggic, Fotosintetika, etc.


Microscópica, is a performance of the invisible, a biohacking project born from the desire of sharing scientific notions, sounds and images through interactive art. With the help of a DIY electronic microscope and a Processing software, she can display samples of microorganisms taken from the environment. The movement of microorganisms becomes a performative action. The main goal of the performance is to achieve a process of "sonification" through the dynamics that arise from a sample analysed under the hacked electron microscope. A simple sketch, based on Processing, makes the “motion capture” of video frames detectable by the webcam of the microscope through the tracking of bright pixel areas. These data are mapped onto parameters of a granular sound processing algorithm.