Branimir Štivić

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Branimir Štivić holds a master's degree in software engineering from the Faculty of Organisation and Informatics at Varaždin and a M.A in New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He works from a multidisciplinary approach as a tool to explore perception, probabilistic, systems theory, mathematical models and cellular automata, process music, sound, pneumatics, kinetics, and machine learning synthesis. His current topics of interest are vitality of objects and matter in the age of the Technosphere and Anthropocene, among many others.


For his residency he’s planning to experiment with live coding and pneumatic systems like bellows, diaphonic horns and organ pipes, connected to human breath. We can think of it as a rhythm of paying the oxygen debt in the constant economic game of bodily inflation. It is a system depending on expiration. If we connect live coding with human breath, we can get direct entanglement between geosphere (atmosphere), biosphere(humans) and Technosphere (pneumatics, code). This project is an experiment of open outcome in live coding performance of pneumatic systems like bellows, diaphonic horns and possibly organ pipes connected to human breath.