Anna Carreras

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Anna Carreras is a Barcelona based artist with a strong interest in physical interfaces that can be incorporated into live coding practices. Carreras' affinity for interactive tools and settings stems from algorithmic environments and generative systems coded from scratch. She develops interactive installations to explore new emerging narratives encouraging the audience to participate and promoting their collaboration. Interaction adds the human diverse behavior to the experience fostering richer outcomes.


For her residency project, Anna Carreras suggests developing a live coding installation in dialogue with visual and physical output interfaces. Together with a local sound artist, Carreras plans to use the installation for a performance and a workshop. Ljudmila's lab aimed at tinkering, hacking and maker culture is a strong generator for her practice that stimulates use of free software in art endeavours. The objective of her residency is to build a large physical output interface that creates sounds from everyday objects, giving them a fresh meaning within a live coding setting, but also to transcend live coding as solely "laptop-and-a-programmer practice".