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Bruno Gola is a sound artist and Free Software hacker from São Paulo, Brazil. He currently lives in Berlin where he studied Art and Media at the Universität der Künste Berlin, in the classes of Generative Art and New Media. He builds sound installations and performs live in different formats such as Live Coding, audiovisual generative pieces and live electronics, usually building his own hardware and software for each occasion. Gola is a big believer in Free Software, he is a GNU/Linux advocate and contributes to different projects such as the SuperCollider language, publishing most of the software he writes so other artists can use them as well.


Bruno plans to build a live coding installation with a domain-specific language where algorithms are running the installation but are also accessible for the audience to change, build upon and play with. For the growing community of live coders in Ljubljana this will be an opportunity to interact, play, perform and execute codes in a more unconventional setting. For his residency stay Gola will use existing infrastructure from his past projects and develop a new high-level language browser interface and this he plans to further investigate with local participants for his live coding workshop.