Malitzin Cortés and Ivan Abreu

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Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD) is a musician, digital artist, creative technologist and programmer that develops her work between Live Coding, Live Cinema, Data Art, VR and AR, Creative Coding and Sound Art. She has held live events and exhibitions at the Multimedia Center, Alameda Art Laboratory, Ex- Teresa Actual Art, Digital Culture Center, Medialab Prado, Transmediale, ISEA, CYLAND MediaArtLab San Petesburgo, ADAF Athenas, Ars Electronica, MUTEK México, Montreal and Japan. Ivan Abreu is a visual and sound artist and creative technologist. His work explores processes of computational creativity and coding for sound, visual, interactive arts and expanded video. His audiovisual work has been presented at international festivals such as the International Conference of Live Coding Madrid, Aural, Transmediale Berlin, MUTEK Mexico, Japan and Montreal, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) and Asia Culture Center, Korea.


The artist duo from Mexico will develop an immersive audiovisual live performance for the ZKM's loudspeaker instrument, the Sound Dome. The project synthesizes CNDSD's sound proposal expressed through granular landscapes, algorithmic vocal experiments, hypnotic noise improvisations and asymmetric patterns with the proposals of Ivan Abreu in the field of data-art, software-art and sound art. In an innovative way, the technique of live coding will be merged with the expansive sonic possibilities of the Sound Dome as well as the duo's data-art procedural imagery. It also seeks to narratively combine two artistic possibilities that are complementary: 1) the relationship with the sound spatialization offered by a digital body inhabiting a virtual space and the possibilities of this for composition and improvisation, and 2) the flexibility that live coding offers for create and modify visual, sound or virtual expressions just by enunciating through writing.